Holly did something similar to what Brianne accused her of some time ago. She filed a DMCA with Facebook that she had made using the face of my girlfriend Sheryl. Now why did she do that? To get my Facebook account locked down, of course. The problem is that by doing so, she has committed perjury.

She has also provided clear cut proof that she will lie to get what she wants. It is sad that someone is that mentally disturbed that they have to resort to such extremes to exert her power over people, but that is what she does.

Holly LIED about me calling her employer and is now pulling this stunt to divert from the fact that she has yet to show proof that I called the company to report her husband drunk.

Holly has never stated WHEN the call was made. What was the date, time etc. Who was the person who took the call? She claimed that my name was used in the reporting the call.

Where is the proof of this?

Holly refuses to answer any of these questions, Why is that?

She will have to answer those questions sooner than she might think.

Stay tuned