justiceblindThere are two important terms used in the legal system that have to do with a witness, credibility and impeachment. Recent developments have taken place that is going to allow me to do just that. When someone makes a statement or accusation, they should be certain to have the absolute proof to back it up.

The accusers should make certain that they had dotted every i and crossed every T. If they do not, it will be easy to punch holes into their accusations and so called proof.

This is what has happened. I was given important information that is going to refute a key accusation. There may be other information  coming my way soon that is important to this subject within the coming days which is why I am holding off, for the time being, disclosing exactly what this is in relation to.

All will say is this, someone made a serious error in judgment and may have backed themselves into a corner that they cannot get out of.

Stay tuned