I would suggest those people think long and hard what might happen if I can no longer access my social media sites because the stalkers have managed to take them down. Right now I spend hours, or at least, DID, playing my Facebook games and so forth.

Now that Facebook page has been taken away along with one of my Twitter accounts. It seems these people are determined to take EVERYTHING I have done on the internet for the past two decades away from me.

But is that really the wise thing to be doing? Remember what you have accused me of? While they are false accusations, they have been made nonetheless.

If I am forced off the internet, there will be nothing to keep me here and no reason to maintain the expense of this home I live in. IF I get rid of the expenses associated with living here, rent, utilities, internet access, etc., I will have a lot of free money to pursue OTHER projects.

Are you really SURE you want me out there in unknown locations doing unknown things?

Use your imagination haters.

Stay tuned