The haters are once again dancing their victory dance, but that dance might be a bit early. One of the dumbest people on the internet is stating that the reason for the suspension is due to it being a “back up” account which is a lie, of course.

Someone might want to go to this link and READ Twitter policy:

“I want more than one Twitter account. Is that possible?

  • Yes! You can have more than one account on Twitter. You can sign up for an additional account here.
  • Please note, each account must have a unique email address associated with it. An email address can only be associated with one Twitter account at a time.”
  • Good old Pops got caught in a lie.

I have a feeling that the so called suspension is due to a Twitter software problem that happened some time back and even took down the twitter account of a blogger who is allowing the lies to be posted on their blog.

The FACT of the matter is that tens of thousands found themselves suddenly suspended for no given reason. After a while, Twitter solved the problem and everyone was restored.

I have written Twitter and they have responded. Now Pops did mention that having multiple accounts for the SOLE purpose of back ups in order to avoid suspensions is a violation of Twitter policies. The problem is that the account has to be for that express purpose.

The secondary account was actually set up to be the chat companion to my Usstream stream site that will be starting in April. If the account is not restored, I will simply use the community page over at Facebook for the chat or the Ustream built chat as I did when I first started webcasting.

This blog will also remain intact and will be use to exclusively to address the lies and misdeeds of my stalkers.

Just like they have done. I also will have a number of mirror blogs where I can instantly revive the blog in case the haters find a way to take it down. I have learned how they do things and can now fight back using their tactics.

They are free to dance their victory dance, but their dance will be short lived.

Stay tuned