I find it rather telling that Radio sang a different tune when it made accusations about a certain friend had her MULTIPLE twitter accounts suspended (remember what Pops said about having more than one account to bypass suspensions?) that there was a massive outcry and protests against the atty who was alleged to have had the accounts improperly suspended.


It is therefore highly hypocritical that Radio and her thugs would not only celebrate the suspension of a single twitter account of mine and then start an op to try and take the rest of them down. These people have demonstrated quite clearly that they are against free speech are are also fearful of having their own actions brought forward.

The one thing I have learned from my stalkers is to how to beat them at their own game. I know how Radio protects HIS account from these problems and I know how the other haters do as will. I will simply copy their methods.

I have backups of everything I have written on the various blogs and twitter  and can put all of that up on alternative websites in an instant.

But, these folks need to  learn things the hard way so…..

Stay tuned