For some strange reason, the stalker who LIED about me calling her husband’s employer is at it again. This time the stalker is checking my CREDIT information. She posted on the internet the make of my old car and the fact that I have it financed through a local dealer.

This may be in violation of federal law as well as Florida law since this is motor vehicle information NOT available to the general public.


Now the question here is why is this anybody’s business. If I had done a search of her financial records, there would be screams of stalking all over the internet.

These people have made it clear that they are going to extort me into taking down all of my blogs and social media accounts.

This is a rather peculiar request since all of the blogs are the smallest on the internet that only THEY read. My twitter account is PRIVATE so they should not even be reading it in the first place.

Someone out  there is exerting a lot of effort to get this site taken down. If they succeed, who is next? Do not be fooled that they would be satisfied with taking me down and moving on.

Far from it. They would need someone else to go after and that someone else just might be YOU?

Stay tuned