IT did not take Anonymous to prove me right. The guy who steals from his PARENTS and puts up a dox that puts a 19 year old girl’s safety at risk has now started an op to get me off of Twitter.

Now why Pops and the all mighty Anonymous is scared at little old me is a mystery. These folks make outrageous accusations against me yet do not provide one shred of evidence to back up their claims. If anyone is being stalked, it is me.

These morons complained about what I tweeted on my primary account even though they were BLOCKED and should not have been there in the first place and then these morons complained when I went PRIVATE. Under normal circumstances, people would get the message that they are not welcome and to go find their drama elsewhere.

Not Pops and his little band of merry maidens. These folks immediately put a mole into my account and when I protected it started to screen shot my posts and put them on their own twitter accounts which IS a VIOLATION of Twitter TOS.

What these people should have understood is that it would have been better for them for me to be on Twitter where they could keep an eye on me since they fear me so much.

What they should really consider is what I might do if there is nobody paying attention to me.


Stay tuned