anonmaskPoor Anonymous. These diaper wearing pussies in their childish masks are butt hurt what I write about them in my locked twitter account. This, of course, has been the problem with this group of criminals who have been wreaking havoc on the internet for over a decade.

Anonymous hates to be criticized and will destroy those who dare point out their wringdoings.

The problem with Anonymous is that it has no synergy. They try and make people believe they are relevant and are making a difference in society. They are, in fact, making matters much worse. They started out attacking the Church of Scientology but soon got bored with that.

Over the years they have progressed to making bomb threats, hacking into commercial websites, government websites, and even law enforcement websites. Because Anonymous has no organized command structure, it is unknown who is doing what at any given time.

That is what makes this group so dangerous. Nobody has any idea who is behind that plastic mask. Pedophiles have and still are wearing the plastic masks. Woman have been raped by so called Anonymous leaders.

Many crimes of identity theft are committed by Anonymous members and it is now rumored that even members of ISIS and other terrorist groups have infiltrated Anonymous so that they can learn their methods so that they can adapt them for their own terrorist actions.

The word governments need to crack down on these criminals before things get worse then they are. Otherwise there could be serious consequences to the safety  and security of both individual citizens and the world at large.

Stay tuned