Anonymous is showing it’s true colors and disdain for the US military and their family by posting images of them as well as doxing their families on Twitter and elsewhere.

Apparently, Anonymous members are too busy putting the lives of our military at risk rather than paying attention to the real life events going on around is.

ISIS is actively data mining the internet looking for information on our troops and their families. Anonymous is giving that information to ISIS on a silver platter.

It is quite likely ISIS has infiltrated Anonymous to garner the fruits of Anonymous research.

The doxing of me, a 64 year old retiree because I dare criticize me is not the first time a military family member has had their safety put at risk. They have done this before.

The vast majority of Anonymous members are those starved for attention and get involved in doxing and other so called operations without the maturity and control needed to prevent unintended consequences from happening.

Anonymous has now moved beyond just being a nuisance to being the hangman and hang women of the military.

How many of our veterans will DIE because of their reckless actions?

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned