anonmaskI am being vindicated as I write this of everything I have claimed for years. I am currently under attack by the terrorist group Anonymous. They are flooding the internet with their pissing and moaning because I dare mock them.

Now these are the same folks who claim to be for truth justice and free speech. They certainly have an odd way of showing it. They threaten to “come visit” and “knock on my door. ” and all sorts of things in some attempt at intimidation.

The problem is that most of these morons are not even old enough to get a drivers license or are too busy getting stoned to think about going anywhere.

Oh sure, they might hack their way into my internet accounts like they did before. I would not be surprised to see more fake posts with my name on them. This is the sort of thing that Anonymous is known for.

For those Anonymous reading this, why do I hate you guys? It is because you LIE. You start your ops based on false information on the internet. Someone sends you a link to a blog and you believe everything written about me is the truth. You do not FACT check.

If you did, you would find that the attacks started on my by an Anon who went by the name of Monoxidemmac. Your fellow Anonymous member posted links to CHILD PORNOGRAPHY on a chat site discussing a DEAD THREE YEAR OLD GIRL.

The anon leading this current charge against me is awaiting trial for being charged with STEALING his fathers GUN, WORK TRUCK, and 5 grand.

An Anon who steals from his own PARENTS? Now THAT is a real PUSSY

Your Anonymous friend put a DOX out on a 19 year old girl for the offense of breaking up with him. What a real MAN your anonymous member is. Gets butt hurt over breaking up with a girl.

What a sad bunch of people you are.

Destroying all dissent against you.

hitlerThere was this short little fellow who did something exactly like what  you are doing now so many years ago.

It looks like you are vying to take his place.