lpwhopperWell, gee, Levi Page decided to join the Troll bandwagon………again. Levi Page got his facts wrong……………again. Nothing new. He now goes on Twitter and tells the big lie that I claimed to have been working with the FBI on a missing child case.

Sorry Levi, your lies are catching up with you once again. I never made such a claim. First of all in each of the missing child cases it was either a CITY or COUNTY law enforcement agency that was in charge of the cases. The FBI became involved in the cases either because A: In the case of Melinda Duckett, she was being charged with embezzlement from the bank she worked for as well as with identity theft and B: to ASSIST local law enforcement in the Caylee Anthony case.

And no I am not ‘butthurt” from being banned from Websleuths. It is only a forum and it is also NOT the ONLY forum on the internet. Also I can still and do READ there. I stopped participating in true crime chats simply because the forums and other websites have degenerated into pissing matches between the various owners and administrators of the sites.

The truth of the matter is that the true crime social media community is falling apart. Most of the sites are run by housewives that do not have a clue how to run a business or administer something as simple as a forum or blog.

The Websleuths lawsuit is a prime example. BOTH of the owners did not have the sense to draw up a simple contract spelling out who is in charge of what and who can or cannot do what with the funds generated by the website.

One of the most basic things the principals of a business does, and Websleuths IS a business, is to go into detail as to how it is run and who is responsible for the various duties within it.

Neither of the parties in the lawsuit did so and thus they have created a situation where outsiders are having a field day mocking them for the mess they have gotten themselves into.

A majority of these social media blogs and forums have strayed from being places to chat or become informed about various subjects of interest to places where a gang of frustrated housewives can take out their personal lives against each other or the vary people who make their sites possible.

Levi Page is no better than the rest of these morons. He rants and raves about tired old fairy tales that are a decade old and that he knows are untrue and have been debunked as well.

Levi Page has claimed more than once to have been hacked and even had a case or two of identity theft where someone broke into one of his financial accounts. Because of this, Levi Page knows how easy it is to break into people’s accounts and impersonate them. He also knows full well that the majority of accusations against me originated from the product of hackers from Anonymous and the well known 4chan.com who is famous for hacking into various websites for the “lulz” as they put it.

A classic example of this kind of hacking is Melinda Duckett who was charged by law enforcement for doing exactly that.

What I find interesting about Levi Page’s never ending lies about me and others is that once he posts his little lies and his rants surrounding them, he almost immediately deletes them.

The reason is, of course, because he is violating Twitter rules and he has to delete the comments for fear of having his account suspended if I were to turn him in. Levi is wrong and by deleting those accusations, he is proving he is both wrong and a liar.

For someone who is supposed to be on the rise in the world of mainstream media, his conduct is both pathetic and immature.

It is also highly unethical and would get any professional journalist fired before their antics subjected their employer to the liability caused by his misconduct.

I am also not “butthurt” since every time Levi Page posts his whoppers, he is proving that it is he that is the stalker and not anyone else. Nobody talks about him until AFTER he pulls such a stunt as he did this morning.

Levi Page simply cannot move on to more productive pursuits. He, instead engages in this moronic trolling and in the process demonstrates to the world just what a fool he really is.

He has once again provided entertainment for those who watch him destroy his career before it even begins.

Stay tuned