ahacka1prankIn my prior article regarding the so called hacking of a Twitter account by Anonymous, I cited how easy it is to place false content on the internet and have those reading it be convinced that the content is real and genuine.

It turns out that the hacking was, in fact, an April fools joke.


While the joke might seem to be on those of us who fell for it, the joke is actually on the account holder as his followers fell off in astonishing numbers. It is not known for certain what caused the fall of of followers. One likely reason might be that a large number of them did not take kindly to the joke.


The points I raised in my prior article remains the same. On line content cannot be taken at face value. It can be the result of someone hacking the account or as in this case, the result of a practical joke.

The joke, in this case, is on the joker.

Stay tuned