Over the past few years I have been trolled by a group known as Anonymous. Many who use social media on a regular basis are familiar with who Anonymous is and their reputation for making the lives of innocent victims miserable.

They have certainly done so in my case. A few ignorant individuals have used certain postings attributed to me to accuse me of actions and statements that were simply not mine. These false accusations continue to this day. Those who even are familiar with Anonymous and how they operate insist that what is being said about me is true.

This is due not for any quest for truth but for their own form of trolling. One of my most ardent foes is a so called “former anonymous” who knowingly has spread false rumors about me and others in support of an aged blogger who has used Anonymous for her own deviant purposes.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how easy it is to hack into social media sites and create false content. In this case, it is Anonymous bragging that they hacked an account.

anonmaskIn this case, Anonymous was open about the hacking of a certified Twitter account.


In most other cases, the hacking and the changing of the content of a Twitter account is not made obvious and thus leads to the sort of damage that is done to innocent victims on a daily basis.

When you read on social media of someone being accused of certain actions, the question you must ask is “is what so called proof real or is it the result of the person in question being hacked and victimized by deviant trolls?”

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