dawn1As the year 2013 draws to a close the usual musings over what the new year will bring is in full force. There is the expression “tomorrow, there is always hope.” The question is hope for what? Peace? Good will? prosperity?

There are other specific questions that arise out of the events of this and the past year. As one reviews the events of the past that concern this writer and others, one has to wonder how the next year will reconcile these past events towards the resolutions of the new year.

There are certain events that will have resolution in 2014. Some resolutions will be in court, others will be by other means. Some resolutions may spill over into 2015 and some issues may not be resolved.

For some reason the passage of an old year and the beginning of a new year brings a milestone of hope.

That hope is that things will get better, that people will get better and that people will ACT better.

I have my doubts, but one can always hope.


Stay tuned