horseIt was much ado about nothing. What do I mean by that? I mean the battle over a certain blog and the great efforts to right a wrong. It seems there was this blog out of Ohio that created a bit of a stir by claiming that a high school football player was the mastermind of a gang rape.

There was a lawsuit that went nowhere. The parties settled out of court. The blog eventually went private and the whole mess vanished into the old news file.

Soon afterword there was a protracted online battle as those who felt unfairly targeted by the blog its owner’s and supporters countered the targeting by going to the various social media outlets to vent their frustrations.

The social media wars intensified with ever more damaging weapons being brought to the fore. Threats and accusations of all kinds swept through the internet like a raging flood.

Then, as with all storms, everything started to calm down. The arguments stopped suddenly. The threats stopped and then….

The blog that had started the whole mess was gone. The domain was suspended. The author of the blog has turned to posting links to articles on Twitter and not much more.

As 2014, the year I dub as the year of resolution, approaches, one has to wonder what the next 12 months will bring.

As I had stated a number of times, I expect there will be some resolutions.

Resolutions of what?

Stay tuned