formulaThere seems to be a bit of an uproar over the creation of an obscure little blog entitled:

The theme of this blog is to use the words of someone with the username of Prinnie to show she lied about certain things.

I seem to recall that there is another blog out there that claims to use the words of a certain someone to call him a liar about certain things. There does not seem to be much of an uproar over that one. Not even the fact that the domain name of a website was used to direct readers to the site.

Now, back to the blog.

Included in the expose about this particular blog is the accusation that I have gone through the time and trouble to create a multitude of sock puppet accounts where I proceed to call myself a pedophile and so forth. Of course, these sock accounts disappear after contact is made to twitter support or the individual suddenly quits or changes over to another sock account.

Now, by an amazing coincidence, is located on the same domain host I use for my other Domains. Only one of those domains are “mobile friendly.” This is important  to note because the so called evidence that I had anything to do with the website is that when someone tried to access the blog using a smartphone, they found themselves whisked to the domain where I have the blog set up for smartphone access.

One thing to take note of here is that the prime accuser is the owner of a blog that has a rather impressive resume. The person claims to have a number of interesting talents. The person holds degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering. The person claims to be an expert with computers that is so complete that she builds computers from scratch.

attThis same person also claims to work for or who did work for the same company that happens to be my mobile phone communications provider.

The same person also claims to have a high level knowledge and interest in ham radio. ANYONE licensed or who delves heavily into this hobby would have to have a fair amount of knowledge  of both electrical theory and that of RADIO communications.


Obtaining an amateur radio license requires the same amount of knowledge that would be needed to obtain a college degree in any number of technical fields.

Now why is all the above about my accuser so important?

The answer is in MY resume.

Nowhere in any internet statement is there ANY claim of holding ANY advanced degree in ANY field, let alone in the fields of electrical or mechanical engineering.

If you go to the database of the ARRL which is an organization that keeps track of Licensed “hams” as they are known as, you will not find my name listed anywhere.

You also will not find my name listed in any trade association having to do with either the electrical or mechanical engineering fields.

You will not find my name listed in any alumni association for any college or university anywhere in the world.

So, what would be found in any dox about my professional qualifications in the field of computer programming or other related computer fields?


stitruckWhat I am is a retired truck driver whose highest level of education is high school according to the MANY people who have spent countless hours probing into my personal business. I possess no advanced degrees or skills as has been noted by the person making the above accusations. It has been proven time and again that I do not nor ever have worked for NASA in the field of S band communications which would also have entailed having an advanced degree in the area necessary to preform such work.

So, dear reader, you are left with this question:

Who is more qualified and more LIKELY to pull off such elaborate frauds as have been claimed on the internet recently?:

A: An electrical and mechanical engineer with a vast knowledge of computers and computer programming.


B: A retired truck driver who barely made it through high school.

I would set up a poll, but it is outside my sphere of knowledge.

Stay Tuned