anonmaskI decided to make this the last entry in the blog as it sits on this site since Brianne was involved to some extent for it being shut down. A complaint had been filed with WordPress in Brianne’s name claiming that the image of the Death Threat letter sent to Holly Briley was a violation of her copyright since it appeared on her blog. This, of course, was a fraudulent complaint since it was Holly Briley who held the copyright since she was the one who got the original e-mail. I had copied the image off of Holly’s twitter log

If it had been true that Brianne held the copyright to the letter, then she would have admitted to sending the death threat to Holly Briley. By stating that she did not file the take down complaint, Brianne is alleging identity theft. The e-mail account used to file the complaint was indicated by WordPress to be hers. When I filed my counter complaint with WordPress, they then sent the notice to the e-mail account and stated that if no action was taken by the person who filed the original complaint within 10 business days, this blog would be reinstated.

As you can see the blog is back, alive and well.

This begs the question; Who filed the complaint? At this point, that is unknown. What IS for certain is that if it is true that Brianne did not file the complaint, it is clear cut proof that there are people out there that will go to great lengths to shut this blog down, even if it means doing so by FRAUDULENT means.

In this case, it means creating false content.

Creating false and misleading content is a common practice of those associated with Anonymous. The vast majority of the content used as “proof” of what I have said or done on the internet is false content. I have stated this for years. This one incident is possible proof of what I have been claiming.

It would take an expert to verify for certain who filed the complaint and how the e mail account was used that claimed to have belonged to Brianne. One indication that the e-mail was a fraud is that the ip address for where it was sent from was Ontario which is thosuands of miles away from where Brianne lives and where her account is located. It is something of a coincidence that this is the very same method that Melinda Duckett was charged with using to frame her ex husband, Josh Duckett, in order to prevent him from having the rights afforded to him regarding his son Trenton shortly before he went missing.

Every day there are an increasing number of claims by people on the internet that they have been the victim of internet fraud and impersonation.

There is a blogger blog that uses the name of my other domain in a deceptive manner to falsely accuse me of certain actions on the internet.

Recently, one of my most active critics, himself complained that a twitter account had been set up to troll him. That twitter account used his username on twitter. Just prior to that statement this same critic stated that he had never made a claim that any of his accounts had been hacked.

Perhaps he had not been hacked, but he has claimed to have been impersonated.

Certainly food for thought.

Stay tuned