psmnSeveral days ago, some statements were made by a blogger concerning certain court documents and his claim of reporting this author and a number of other individuals of being part of a criminal syndicate that was working against him.

Immediately upon learning of his accusations as well as a subsequent claim having to deal with well known counterfeit files that have been circulating on the internet for years, I called the lead detective of the department in question. I was told they would look at what he has claimed and get back to me.

Just before the writing of this article, I received a call from their department. They have told me that I am not under investigation by their department. This holds true for the other individuals that were also named by the blogger in question.

The detective went on to inform me at length that both the County and City law enforcement community have  had knowledge of this persons actions for years and generally have discounted any reports he has made.

The Detective has advised me that I, along with the other individuals should press Harassment charges though their own law enforcement agencies regarding his making these claims.

I have also been advised that the sheriff herself may be in contact with me regarding this matter, once the department completes their investigation which is still ongoing.

I have asked the detective to contact the detective here in Orlando to whom I spoke to about this matter. The detective had recommended calling the Polk County agency first before I went ahead and filed a formal criminal complaint. Now that this has been done, I will be making a decision as to how to proceed from here.


Stay tuned