foxtheatSome interesting information came out among a few cyber abusers about an old Paltalk Chatroom  I used to have those many years ago. After I had stopped covering the Casey Anthony case on that multimedia site I continued to maintain a small chatroom that had about 5 or 6 of my closest friends in it.

The chatroom was PRIVATE. The only way one could get into it was to have a password that I sent them individually.

The “Paltalk Princess” had her own private little room, actually not so private, where she had her own group of friends. Now did these little “busy bees” sit around and have girl talk about whatever it is that women talk about when they are together?

No, they talked about me.

What was interesting is that they were talking about things that should not have been known outside of our PRIVATE chat. It seemed that someone was either pretending to be someone else and was in the room without permission or that someone had hacked into the room.

This became clear one day when I took a trip north a few years back as a ride along with a friend of mine that flew around the country on business trips. Since I was unemployed and had nothing better to do, I would tag along with him. I like airplanes and am always looking for a free ride from anyone who would give it.

On this one trip to Chicago, I asked the pilot if he did not mind dropping me off at a small airport in Illinois as I wanted to visit a local courthouse there and do a records check.

As luck would have it, the pilot said it would actually be a better place to park his plane since his destination was south of Chicago and closer to that airport then the one he originally had planed to go to.

So, we landed there and We both went our separate ways for the next 24 hours or so. I had told those in my room of the trip and what I was doing in that town.

Things went along smoothly until it was time to leave. We were out on the tarmac of this little airport, preparing to leave. The pilot was going through his check list and was about ready to leave when my cellphone rang. It was one of the employees of the flight service in the terminal. I was being paged. I found this rather odd since I have a cellphone and anyone who needed to contact me could call my well known number. I asked the person to find out who it was that was paging me and he told me that they had hung up.

Since I had my laptop with me, I decided to log into my chat room and announce that someone had paged me at the airport and I had a pretty good idea of who it was.

Now, what the spinster left out of her story on her blog is that Paltalk also has a private chat feature where a chat can be set up instantly separate even from a private multimedia room. In this chat you can have several people in that chat. It is a feature I use to this day with Paltalk friends I still communicate with.

Whenever someone noticed the Busy Bees talking about things they should not have known about, I would get a private message and invitation to this chatroom someone opened up.

A short time later, another opportunity to take a free ride came up and for the hell of it I decided to set up a little trap. A friend of the pilot has a ranch out west and he was going out there for a party and asked me if I wanted to go along.

By this time we had figured out that someone had somehow got into the private room and was feeding information back to the Busy Bees and we were interested to find out who it was and how they managed to get into the room.

So, when this little trip came up, I got the trusted members into the chat room and told them I was going to set up a little sting when I got out there.

Since the owner of the ranch was fairly well known, the last thing I wanted was for some Nosy dingbat from Columbus Ohio making prank phone calls to the host’s house. So, what I did was to simply take an ad for houses for sale in that state that was laying around and scanned it with my webcam while live chatting from there. I made sure to overscan the photo of the house so that it was clear what I was doing. Sure enough, the mole opened their big mouth and was caught.

It turned out that a well known troll who was the most unpopular person on Paltalk and bragged “I  can get around any ban” had entered the room after being told that she was not welcome. This well known drunktard simply cannot take no for an answer and had this habit of breaking into private rooms where she was clearly not welcome. She is so unpopular that there is at least one blog out there complaining about her various exploits and wishing she would just go away.

As is her custom to recruit screwballs like this, The Paltalk Princess had sought her out and helped her break into my room using something they called “Cloaker.”

Now that the mole was caught, I could use the Paltalk ban feature to keep her out of the room. It turns out Paltalk has a feature that allows you to be “invisible” so that you can be in a room without the members knowing you were in there lurking. I do not know why Paltalk allows this feature as it defeats the whole concept of having a private room. But it is what it is.

It seems that one of the busy bees is now on the cyber abuse blog since one of comments there was by someone who knew about something less than 5 people knew anything about.

Now I had heard claims that this “Paltalk Princess” had stopped obsessing about me and had moved on.

It seems that this is not the case and once again has been caught stalking me and my friends.

Stay tuned