wahhideThere is this pathetic excuse of a web presence that does not like it when people stand up to his deviant little rants. This sad little thing goes around accusing people of all sorts of serious things that he cannot back up. He even accuses teenagers of being pedophiles yet does not like it when he is called upon to provide sustainable  proof of his accusations.

Then he runs and hides when the pressure is placed upon him and the one person he attacks states that he has gone off and filed a criminal complaint against him.

I had already decided to leave this little coward alone when he got on Facebook and again asked me to leave him alone.

I wonder if he will start begging some maintream media investigative reporter to “leave him alone.” Is he going to be one of those people who one sees running from the cameras, covering his face while running away to get away. He wants to get away from the bright lights, he wants to get away from the attention, he wants to get away from his accountability.

And while he is running away, I will be laughing at his cowardice.


Stay tuned