fenceThe latest condemnation to be thrown around on the blogs and twitter is that of being a fence sitter. I always looked at this position as weighing both or all sides of an issue. The center of this latest uproar deals with who is for and who is against Tim Holmseth.

Even the stand on abortion would be safer than taking on on how you feel about him. Quite a long time ago, people had started contacting me about Tim Holmseth and how he fit in to the Haleigh Cummings case. Tim is a journalist/author who looked into the case and formed his point of views based on what he discovered.

When I was first contacted, I had not heard of him and I was also not closely following the Haleigh Cummings case. I was still following the Caylee Anthony case since the prosecution against Casey was moving forward and I had decided to follow the events up until any verdict was reached.


I finally relented, which turned out to be a huge mistake. The net result is I found myself talking to attorneys, bloggers and those on all sides of the issues dealing with him.

Throughout all of this I have tried to remain neutral and weigh whatever input people gave me to support their positions.

Then, when I decided to go ahead and blog about what had transpired in my study of Tim Holmseth and what I felt were issues that needed to be looked into, the attacks began. I not only got hit from one side, in this case McGreggorsback but from Michelle L Mckee as well.

This had to do with me putting court documents up without redacting the name of the minor child that were in a letter that was written to the plaintiff in a custody battle with Tim Holmseth. Some of my other friends weighed in as well which made me decide to take the entire article down rather than go through the arduous process of redacting the child’s name which was in the documents several times.

Well, that didn’t work.

farmAlmost immediately Mlee lit into me for not acting fast enough and then only after, she thought, I relented to the threats made by McKee that she was going to her Fed connections if I did not take the article down and stay away from the kids.

The next thing that happened is that I found myself the target of Tim Holmseth himself who declared that he had gone to law enforcement where he lived and filed charges against me of extortion and accused me as being part of a Florida based syndicate that included Levi Page, Art Harris, “Cobra” Staubs  and presumably Atty Kim Pickazio.

This gave Radio a lot to work with over the next few days as comments and links appeared on this blog and Mlee fired up on her blog to rake me over the verbal coals.

Because lf all of these shifting sands and loyalties, I have decided to ignore the story of Tim Holmseth entirely. All I had intended on doing was to tell the epic tales about him and then let everyone else decide of what they felt about the whole thing.

It seems the better option for me at this point is to forget about citing a point of view about anything and just stick to playing Farmville over on facebook.

The internet has lost it’s luster. It used to be a place to exchange ideas, work for just causes, and have heated but friendly debates.

fvpigsInstead it is a place with two extreme choices, Either play on line games or get involved in virtual fist fights.

I choose the on line games. Other than a mundane article or two on this blog, I will be spending most of my time over on Facebook growing virtual crops and feeding virtual pigs.

See you on the farm

Stay tuned