revengepornrevengeThe most active campaign on the internet today is the efforts to stop Revenge Porn.

This is an easy battle to win because, in a majority of the cases, a photograph of a person can be removed quite easiy. All one needs to do is file a copyright violation with the domain host and the photo will vanish in short order.

Getting WORDS taken off a revenge blog is an entirely different matter.

Did you know that it is easier to get a photo of a dog wearing a mask taken off of a blog then it is an accusation of being an pedophile? I found this out the hard way. There is a blogger out there that has done just that for the past 6 years.. She operated a blog and put up all sorts of accusations.

I filed complaint after complaint with her domain host to no avail. They hid behind the 3rd party provider excuse and the first amendment.

This same blogger then went and filed a complaint because of a photo of a dog wearing an anonymous mask.

A dog? Yes, Two dogs, actually.

Her use of the mask, by the way, is a copyright violation.

The SAME blogger also filed a complaint about the photo of a MACHINE. The blogger did not appear in the photo and no part of her body appeared in the photo either.

Getting the printed word removed is something else entirely. It simply cannot be done. If someone puts up a revenge blog about you, you are dead meat. Blogger will not remove it, WordPress will not remove it.

If the revenge blog is put up on a hosted website, it is even more difficult.

If you want to make things even harder for your target, then put the blog on a foreign host that will not join the international agreement to allow for a remedy for this abuse.


The biggest problem with a revenge blog is not so much what is in the article but what is in the title. A lot of the time, the goal of the blogger is not to write an article accusing you of something but, rather, to create a headline that contains whatever it is the blogger is trying to say about you.

There are scores of examples of this practice all over the internet and on the neighborhood grocers magazine stand. The National Enquirer, The Globe and the Star are masters at this sort of thing. People read the headlines and then buy the magazines.

Many more read the headlines and do not buy the magazine. It is something to do at check out and most of the time they get put back but the headline remains in the memory of the reader.

How many times have you done a google search on someone? Looked at a link with an accusation and then did not bother to read the article that it links to?

How many times have you read the blog the link takes you to only to find you see yet another link to yet another blog that makes the same exact accusation?

Congratulations, you are on a blog conga line.

This little deception comes about when a group of trolls band together to make several blogs that say the exact same lie. They then link to each others blogs that not only brings more traffic to these blogs but it also creates an increased number of hits when someone searches the name of the subject of these  blogs.

The creators of these blogs are not out for the truth.

They are out for revenge.

They are out to do harm.

Remember:”The pen is mightier than the sword.”


Stay Tuned