levipixtchIf anything has come out of the actions of bloggers and their readers regarding the various issues and cases over the years is that people become fixated on their points of view or their perceived mission when it comes to the events or individuals pertaining to these cases.

One thing becomes clear quite fast. Friendship on the internet is based mostly on where you stand, who you support, and who you do not.

Case in point.

Tim Holmseth. The viewpoints of him and his actions are extreme. The vast majority of people think him an evil person and a few think he has been railroaded. Someone I considered a friend has given him her unwavering support. She is firm in her stance and will not be persuaded otherwise. Her loyalty has become an obsession.

I really do not have anything against Mr Holmseth. The things about him may or may not be true. I tried to find out some information to either confirm or disprove some recent information that had come my way.

This information had come from Levi Page who is one of the most vocal opponents of Mr Holmseth and made his opinion of him clear in the private message exchange I had with him.

Levi Page is no friend of mine either. He holds me in the same contempt as he does Tim Holmseth.

In spite of that, I decided to hear him out and consider what he had to say.

This turned out to be a huge mistake.

In my haste, I published two excerpts from a massive number of these documents that did not paint Mr Holmseth in a good light. In the process of placing the material on this blog, I failed to redact the names of the children’s name within them.

I was made aware of this mistake and rather than redact the names, I simply took the article off the blog. I felt that the story had run it’s course and it was not worth the time it would take to go through the documents and remove the names which appeared several times.

The process I use to edit documents I may put here is time consuming.

Now, what caused my current problem is not the demands I received to remove the names, but when I chose to remove them.

I had both friends and foes express their concerns about the names and in varying degrees of emotional outburst demanded I remove them. Since I did not move fast enough, false assumptions were made.

The person who sparked this little bonfire, Levi Page, gleefully remained silent and enjoyed the unexpected fruits of his labor.

Once again, my intent to be fair to all sides regarding an issue blew up in my face.

My former friend took it as an affront that I did not act on her request and in her eyes, acted only after a women who hates me to the point that she wants me dead sooner or later, made a number of threats in several of her mindless outbursts.

My former friend saw this as capitulating out of fear and some impression that I had something to hide.

Any effort to set the record straight has fallen on deaf ears and the complaining about a matter that is now closed continues.

The complaints have now spilled over to the point where, once again, more false information is now finding it’s way onto the internet.

Because of this, innocent people are being brought into the disputes. This is the same pattern that has been in place for over a decade. Someone will put completely incorrect information on the internet and no amount of effort to correct these errors will work.

People are going to believe what they will believe and no amount of factual evidence will change that.

The shifts in loyalties will change solely on where people choose to stand and what they consider important to determine who they will allow to be their friends and who they will consider their enemy.

There is no loyalty to the truth.

Stay tuned