I was reading through the last blog entry about me on this blog just before writing this response to what was said there:



It seems she is still on this track that I have something to be concerned in regards to law enforcement. If that had been the case, why have I, over the years, given out the exact contact information for every law enforcement agency that would have the authority to have me on their radar?



I live about 5 minutes from the law enforcement agency that appeared in the pictures on twitter. They know where I live so anytime they want to pay me a visit, I will be here ready and waiting. I have nowhere to go and I could not to go anywhere if I wanted to.

I am stuck in a run down 30+ year old mobile home where I confine myself to one room because I cannot afford to air condition the whole building. I have an old window ac that barely keeps the temp below 80. Other than the occasional trip to Wal Mart or the local food banks, I rarely leave the property.

Therefore, any local, state, or federal law enforcement agent will have no problem locating me for any little talk they might have.

As for the CNN Kid. He proved to me that he cannot be trusted. He baited me, I fell for it and now I suffer for it.

What little respect and consideration I had for Levi Page is gone. We are now both on our mutual shit list.

He joins Kim P as one of those people I have absolutely no respect and with whom I will never place any trust in.

I learned early on that nobody on the internet can be trusted. Everyone has both questionable and selfish motives for their actions.

Sadly, this now includes Mary.

Farewell my friend.

Stay tuned