The participants at a certain blog have shown themselves not only to be trolls but hypocrites as well. First they demand that I shut this blog down. They they proclaim that they are for free speech.

They write messages “to” me, not here but on a blog that I am banned on reading at.

They write comments about this blog on that same blog but do not make comments here.

They do not like what I post on my Twitter account but the read there anyway, even those who are blocked.

They complain about me when I did not redact the kids name off of the documents that are now GONE but the do not say one word about the 14 other sites where the documents are openly readable with the children’s names still there.

It is typical of a troll to be a hypocrite and it makes sense that the owner of that blog who is a troll itself would allow these hypocrites on it’s site.


Stay tuned