Perhaps my defense of the honor of Sgt Goddard was a mistake. It seems that it is ok for Michelle L McKee to go after military veterans. She now makes a threat against my sister who is the oldest sibling in my family. Her husband also happens to be the highest ranking military service member of my immediate family. His service rank upon his retirement was also quite high. But she already knows that.

Perhaps it was Michelle L McKee who made those mysterious phone calls to my sister accusing me of being a pedophile. I have sent my sister all the information I have about McKee including screen shots of what she has stated about me. Since she lives in the state of Washington, perhaps she can take care of this matter.

What Michelle L McKee FAILS to mention is that she found out the information about ALL of my family members at least as far back as 2008 and since she has been stalking me since 2006, that much earlier. Michelle L McKee also forgets to mention that she was compiling all of this information BEFORE I ever heard of her or BEFORE I ever heard of Alexandra H Goddard.

It is MICHELLE L MCKEE AND ALEXANDRA GODDARD who started this probing of family members, not me. We are going by rules that THEY set.

Stay tuned