Well, Michelle L McKee is pulling the Analyst card out of the hat again. That among some interesting other things. Michelle L McKee might want to remind everyone of her little history with The National Insurance Crime Bureau. It seems she touted herself off as rather important.


At one time she had a rather impressive resume posted on her twitter profile and also passed herself off as being so important that she somehow got involved with the Leesburg Florida City Police Department implicating me as somehow being involved in the MURDER of Trenton Duckett or at least knowing where he was buried.

It was rather easy for McKee to say that, except that unknown by her at the time, was that I did not live far from Leesburg and I did a lot of business in Leesburg and thus was well known in this rather small community. So when McKee started making contact with the department, they gave her a tin hat and sent her on her way,

Not being content with a dose of common sense advice, McKee pulled the same stunt again and with the same agency when the Caylee Anthony case came to light. I was again accused of having something to do with children going missing and some rather interesting documents seem to materialize out of nowhere.

Nobody bothered to explain where those things came from, let alone vaidate them.

They simply distributed them, passed them off as the truth and hid behind the “I am not an investigator.” disclaimer.

In short, they refuse to put their money where their mouth is.

Now it would be interesting if McKee would yet again, explain to the world just why it is that she is no longer an analyst for NICB and why she felt it was necessary for her to go on Twitter and demand her job back with back pay.

I guess she never heard of the National Labor Relations Board. At first she blamed them for her troubles, and then Pat Brown and now me. I wonder who is next in her little pity party.

If Michelle L McKee is such a good analyst she should have no problem getting a job in that field or becoming a consultant. I happen to know quite a number of people in that field and many of them are self employed and doing quite well.

Now there is a sock puppet out there who seems to think I am asking for proof of her so called problems. I am not. I simply choose not to believe her. She is doing the same thing to a woman who claims to be a rape survivor. She is calling that woman a liar. 

I was under the impression that one does not go around doing that sort of thing or does McKee have some special exemption from the rules.

The more McKee rants and raves on Twitter, the more people are finding out who she truly is. I know that one ardent Goddard supporter is finding that out the hard way.

Stay tuned