Some people may think there is dissent among the ranks and that there is some kind of rift between me and Mlee. Not so. There are no ranks between us in the first place. There is a misplaced belief that there is some kind or organized group or whatever that plots all sorts of things or swear some kind of loyalty oath and I am their self appointed leader.

This is certainly not the case. There is simply a growing number of people who have a common set of concerns and discuss these concerns among themselves. It is called a support group. There are no requirements or command structure in place. There is no charter and there is certainly no leader.

It was Mlee that first expressed her concerns over the names of the children appearing in my article on Tim Holmseth. I was not able to remedy my mistake because I was not at a computer where I could log into to make the necessary changes.

When I was finally able to do so, I went into this blog and, rather make the necessary corrections, I decided, instead to remove the entire article. The documents in question are all over the internet so people can go and hunt them down if they so desire. Perhaps Levi Page will save them the trouble and send them the copies he sent me. Ask him.

Mlee is demonstrating loyalty. That loyalty is to Tim Holmseth. For whatever reason she is giving him her unwavering support and friendship. Her reasons are her own but I will not demean her for it. I may not be happy with she has posted on twitter, but it is what it is. I am disappointed, but that is the extent of it. I have been down this road before.

Loyalty changes on a dime anymore as does friendships. I have learned to trust nobody but myself. There are people I like and respect and there others I do not. I have seen a lot of changes over the years, not only in the real world but on the internet as well.

The rules of honesty, integrity and loyalty are no longer followed. It is every man and woman for themselves.

Stay tuned