mlm70nicbMichele L McKee, in her audition for the internship contest bragged at how she can create high traffic to a client’s internet site by using search engines. Today when she was once again lying about me and citing me as the cause of her not being employable, thus letting NICB off the hook, she told the woman to google my name. So what does this have to do with Google?


goo1If there are enough links created, it pushes the subject to the top of the search engines list of links. Michelle L McKee knows full well that by having people google my name, they will see in these google searches “headlines” purported to be my guilt of what she accuses me of.

Not so fast. To understand how Google works, read this article. You will then understand why there are companies out there that, for a fee, will get your brand to be one of the first to appear on a Google search.

If for instance, you are a singer and are selling records, you want your website to be at the top of the search list so people will find you early and first. If there are 10,000 results on a search engine, people are not going to spend the hours to go down to result number 9999 where the person’s result may wind up. These companies get the singers name to the top of the search list where people will see it.

When Michelle L McKee created an impersonator Facebook page that hijacked people from my legitimate Facebook page, she took out an ad on Facebook, which is cheap, directing people to that site.

Once Facebook learned of this deception, they immediately shut down the site.

Even though she denies it, there is a blog that did almost the same thing. The scammer took the name of one of my chatrooms and used it as a url on the blog host. This way, anyone wanting to tune into my webchat would be directed to the impersonator site.

This is theft by deception and McKee is an expert at it.

This widespread use by spammers like McKee and Goddard has spawned a new industry that will clear up these kinds of sites for a fee.

The fees are quite high.

The one thing to remember is that Google and the results it generates is nothing more than an indexing system. It shows the link to a URL but it does not tell you if the information contain within the url is the truth or a lie and it does not tell you if the content was made by an actual person or an impersonator.

Thus the expression “You cannot believe everything you see on the internet.”