I woke up this morning to see the rantings on twitter again. I also had someone send screen shots from a certain blog. It was something of eye opener to see that this individual can get away with the lying that it does. The reason, of course, is that blogger is not out for the truth but is on a glory trip because it thinks anyone is taking it seriously.

Anyone with any common sense abandoned that blog as a place where anything of substance comes out of there. Nothing does. The blog is a joke. It is the butt of a joke. Everyone laughs at it as the most pathetic waste of bandwidth on the internet.

The sock puppet seems to think I have a fear of the Department of the Treasury or The Secret Service. I do not have a fear of any agency of this government regardless of it’s role. The sock puppet of that blog has clearly demonstrated that it does not understand what the Secret Service is or it’s role is within the justice department.


The fake electrical/mechanical engineer needs to take a remedial course in civics to learn how the three branches of the US government functions and the role of various federal agencies that are under the umbrella of the United States Department of Justice.

That fake engineer might also want to read up on some issues that Anonymous has touched on for the past few months. It would go along way to explain why certain agencies under the Department of Justice are paying  visits to a vast number of blogs not only in the true crime arena but elsewhere as well.

Ever since 2006, there have been threats by a number of warped individuals to report me to The FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, DHS, SS, FDLE, LCPD, LCSO, OCSO and on and on and on.



Guess what? I am still here. Go ahead and drop a few bucks to have one of those commercial services to a national background check on me. While you are at it, do a FOIA request of the various agencies to see what is in there about me.

If you really want to get serious, in most large cities, you can order an FBI background check. The cost is about the same as the commercial services and is far more thorough. If the FBI does find something in the check, they may even pay you a reward.

Beware of the questions you ask, however, because you may not like the answer.

They are also better and cheaper than Lexis.

You will find a big fat Zero.

These people brag that they are great at finding out information and bringing this information to the forefront. The truth is that they could not find a set of keys even if they were in plain sight.

They in fact find nothing because they are not even looking. They simply make things up out of thin air behind the cloak of satire.

They have to proclaim the cloak of satire because they cannot proclaim the truth.

Stay tuned