Michelle L McKee of Gig Harbor, Washington in yet another one of her drama filled rants demonstrated that her skills as an investigator are piss poor at best. Michelle L Mckee singled me out because I published files supplied by Levi Page over this last weekend.

Yes, it is a mistake that the files were published and I have taken the article down. The problem is that the files are still out there. They are on this forum:







Rather than compound the problem, I am not going to post the link to the reddios site where these files are stored. Instead I am posting screenshots of the page were the post was made that these files were out there to be downloaded by anyone who wanted to see them unredacted.



There is no password or membership required to see these files. They are open for downloading to the general public.

I would suggest to those of you out there that might be tempted to come to the aid of Michelle L McKee to do their homework.

Due to her bringing this matter up, I will be notifying the State involved in this case of the existence of these documents and send them the specific links to those sites.

They then can determine if the publication of these files is in violation of the law and if it is in their interest to investigate the websites who currently have these files published.


Stay tuned