In a rather selective threat, Michelle L Mckee made a threat against in order to extort me to remove copies of court documents that contained the names of children involved in a dispute between Tim Holmseth and his ex-wife.














What I have NOT seen in her rant is the question of why didn’t Levi Page redact the information as well as how Levi Page came into possession of these documents to begin with.

In an act of common decency, I am going to remove the entire article off of my blog since the charges against Tim Holmseth may be baseless. I have been told that there was an investigation into the matter and that the matter was dismissed.

levipixholmsethNeither Levi page nor Tim Holmseth has provided any material that states the actual outcome of the dispute.

I do find it curious that Michelle L McKee has not said anything to Levi Page concerning this matter.

It seems that this is yet another case where Michelle L Mckee will not address the wrongdoing of those she considers friends or those whom she is trying to get to be part of their entourage.

Stay tuned