For someone who claims to be an expert in the use of social media and so forth, Michelle L McKee demonstrated extremely bad judgement when she called me out for including the names of minor children in a piece I wrote about Tim Holmseth and the now questionable accusations made against him by Levi Page who sent me the documents a few days ago.


Rather than send me an e-mail or simply put up that I should remove the names of the victims, Michelle L Mckee not only posted the link to the article containing the unredacted documents but she put a screen shot of a section of my article that again placed the names of the children in full view of the internet.


mlmppBy doing this Michelle L McKee accomplished the opposite of what she wanted. IF she wanted the names removed from the internet she went about it completely wrong and did the exact same thing she accused me of.

 Rather than spend a great deal of time redacting the documents, which it would have been nice of Levi Page had done so in the first place, I feel the best thing to do is take the entire thing down. I do not feel there is enough information to back up the accusations made against Mr. Holmseth. Until someone provides me with more accurate information, I do not intend to write anymore about this subject.

Stay tuned