mlm63It is clearly obvious that Michelle L Mckee wanted to delay for as long as she could, her so called demands to me to remove the names of the children that found their way into my blog article. Not only did she deliberately delay notifying me of her so called concerns she made the exact same mistake I did. She herself put the names of the children up by screen capturing the section she was so concerned about.

Ok, so how did Michelle L McKee delay notifying me of her concerns?

First, she did not come into this blog and make a comment. NOBODY is banned from this blog and that includes her. She did read the thing after all.

She could have sent me an e-mail. ALL my e-mail addresses have been doxed by Anonymous and McKee has known my e-mail addresses for YEARS.

She could have sent me a text message. My phone number has been doxed as well by Anonymous and it is easy to send a text message and hide the id of the sender.There is also my Facebook account. Also easy to send a private message there as well. She is an expert at doing that sort of thing. Just ask the owner of Behind the Yellow tape.

There is, of course, my twitter account :

 It is: It is NOT @/murtwitnessone.

Michelle L Mckee did NOT want me to see her messages until she created the kind of drama she so craves.

She then DEFAMES me by calling me a pedophile!

This is the kind of woman Michelle L Mckee is. She is not out for the truth. She is out for drama. This is the kind of thing that Michelle L McKee has done to me for years. Michelle L Mckee has even accused me of the MURDER of Trenton Duckett who went missing 7 years ago TODAY.


Michelle then cries defamation because someone made a satirical comment calling her a “registered mental case”



Those out there who take to heart her outlandish claims do so at your peril. This woman has a history of making wild accusations. Ask Pat Brown, Joseph Monks and so on and so forth. Someday she is going to defame the wrong person and then there will be hell to pay.

If anyone deserves to be sued it is Michelle L Mckee.

Stay tuned