JANEDOEJMELThere are some strange and harsh battles a rape survivor has to engage in but this battle is the strangest of all. When a Jane Doe was raped at the age of 14, she became pregnant. She decided to give birth to her daughter rather than to seek an abortion. It was a decision that would have unexpected ramifications. The now 18 year old rape survivor is in a legal battle to prevent the rapist from having any parental rights.

Rather then be convicted and sent to jail, the then 20 year old Jamie Melendez was instead put on probation and told to pay child support until the child turns 18.



She is now forced to sue in federal court to have the state of Mass. annul the order.


This is not an isolated case. There are laws in a number of states that could force rape survivors to put up with the parental rights requests by the person who raped her.

This new battle that the rape survivors may have to wage may need to two hard choices should they become pregnant:

A; Fight the rapists demands in court, or:

B: Have an abortion.

What would you do?


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