army logobronzeI have been watching with increasing alarm, this debate over what medals Sgt Kenneth W Goddard received as a result of being in the United States Army. I do not know what triggered all of this and quite frankly I do not care.

To me, it is not important if he received any medals or not. He served his country. He took an oath to defend and protect the United States of America.

Sgt. Goddard survived one of the deadliest conflicts in this countries history. He was involved in an unpopular war. The Viet Nam Conflict was the first time this country simply quit and walked away. The veterans of the Viet Nam war came home to an angry group of protesters who wrongly blamed them for what their leaders got this country into. They served us and served us well.

Some like my brother were deployed to serve in Desert Shield, Desert storm and Operation Enduring Freedom.

I am urging those who brought Sgt. Goddard into the on line disputes to please put an end to this. The man should be honored and not used as a subject of our anger at each other.

To Sgt Kenneth W Goddard, I raise my hand in salute and with my sincere thanks for your service to our country. I also raise my hand in salute To the Goddard family for enduring his sacrifice at being away from his loved ones while in service to our country.