consensusIt would seem that consensus is more important to people then truth, dignity or honor and reality. Sometimes it takes time for one to accept that some things are not to be. There are harsh realities that need to be faced. Things will be what they are because that is what is wanted.

These may not be the proper things to be in place but if there is enough power and will these things will remain.

And thus there is this incorrect consensus. There is a lack of motivation in place that causes this current environment that exists through the actions of certain individuals. These individuals have within them an innate unwillingness to see what is obvious and what is truth.

As with any circumstances beset by these elements, there will be a correction, there will be adjustments, there will be changes.

These things will come even if they are not wanted. These changes are driven by outside forces beyond anyone’s ability to control.

Consensus cannot hold back fate. It is fate that is the determiner of the reality.

Stay tuned