12 years ago yesterday, my son John Brian, died while be taken to the operating table for quadruple bypass surgery. He had a heart attack the week before and it had taken that long the doctors to get him strong enough for the operation.

john's bench


Unfortunately, he was not strong enough. He never made it to the operating room. The doctors and nurses tried for almost a half hour to bring him back. They failed.

When the parent who has outlived their child hears on the news of other parents who have lost their child, they have that unique of how they feel.

In two days, another year will have passed that Trenton Duckett is missing. Is he alive or not? Somewhere his father, Grandmother and other members of his family hope beyond hope that he is still alive. There are other parents and survivors of missing children having this same hope. Some hopes will be fulfilled and other hopes will not.

For a parent to outlive their child is a bitter experience that will not go away.