hlcThe one common thread when it comes to bloggers and their readers when it comes to high profile true crime cases is the propensity for people to take sides. The Haleigh Cummings case is no exception. Another thing that is common in these cases is that what position one takes in a high profile case can have serious ramifications.

Those taking the wrong stand will be subject to brutal and thorough retaliation. A prime example of this is the subject of Tim Holmseth. If you, in any way, support this individual, or even lean towards a favorable opinion of him, you are dead meat.

holmsethCase in point. Quite some time back, I was getting comments, e-mails and messages asking me to look into what was being said about Tim Holmseth on the internet and what was being done to him. I was contacted by people who claim they were being crucified and mistreated by a certain blogger simply because of their stand on what happened to Haleigh Cummings and the various theories put forth regarding Haleigh and other principals in the case.

Up to that point I had not covered the case other than one visit to Putnam county where I covered the Texas Equusearch presence there and a press conference held by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department.

As I read the blog in question, I began to be concerned about the tone the blogger was taking when debating the various aspects of the case. I considered what was going on bullying and cyber abuse. I began to post my concerns about what was going on and also started to ask questions regarding the various accusations floating around.

kimpI soon found myself having conversations with one of the top female lawyers in Florida, who gave me her side of certain actions that had taken place.

One rather hot subject that came up was that of Tim Holmseth. It is the support or lack thereof of Tim Holmseth that can cause a lot of problems for people in the true crime arena.

To understand what all the fuss is all about, one needs to start going on Google or the search engine of your choice and type in his name. The vast majority of what is out there is highly negative. There are his supporters out there. They usually comment here and also over on Twitter.

Part of the problems I am having to deal with has to do with the perception that I am part of the “Support Tim Holmseth.” group. On the other hand I have also had problems because of the perception that I am part of the ” against Tim Holmseth” group. and support the position of Kim Picazio esq.

Whenever I had discussions with Mrs. picazio, I had people unfollow me and express their outright anger.

When it comes to Tim Holmseth, I am Neutral.


I have remained open when it comes to deciding who is right or wrong in the presentation of what each side considers the facts to back up their points of view.

Due to my interactions with Mrs. Picazio over the past couple of months, I have serious reservations concerning her presentation of her perceived facts regarding Holmseth and some others she has mentioned to me.

There are certain actions that Mrs. Picazio has taken such as domain name squatting, that I strongly disagree with.

This makes me a target as well. I am constantly getting accused of defaming Mrs. Picazio even though I have documentation to back me up if the need arises. I am hamstrung in that I have agreed with Mrs. Picazio not to make this documentation public and thus am paying a stiff price for it.

This sort of thing repeats itself on tens of thousands of blogs and forums all over the internet. The adage of ” we agree to disagree but will remain friends” no longer applies.


You either take a side or shut up. If you choose the wrong side you will pay dearly for it.

Taking the wrong side will get you doxed. Taking the wrong side will get you defamed. Taking the wrong side will get you abused.

You do have the right of speech. Exercise that free speech at your own risk.

Stay tuned