Radio has used one of the oldest tricks of journalism. It is known as lying by ommission. This is an old newspaper trick that goes back decades, People generally have short attention spans. They will not read the entire article only those parts that suit the reader. Also, Radio did not include the link to the ORIGINAL BLOG.


Because the IMAGE is unreadable without a lot of work. Since Radio created the false impression by posting this “proof” most will not bother to read the screenshot.

Now it is my turn.

Well let me post MY portions of that article that I wrote to put things into CONTEXT. I am also curious why Radio did not put up the link to the ORIGINAL BLOG?

The first thing you will notice is that in Radio’s screen shot, the header was not included:


At the time this blog article was published, it was a year since the story of this private conversation magicly appeared on Alexandra H Goddard’s blog.

The reason Radio did not include the header is quite obvious. I was pointing out that the person or persons on the OTHER side of the converstions was never identified and is unknown to this day.

The link in Radio’s blog is to an IMAGE database that Alexandra H Goddard has maintained since 2008. The entire database is dedicated solely to ME and only those portions of the database that Goddard wants to be seen is available to the public. There are PRIVATE sections that are only viewable to a select few.

The one thing that I did do is to make the portion that Radio READABLE in this next screenshot because I want to point something out.


One thing people might understand is that if you have DOWNLOADED copy of an original blog, it can be CHANGED. That is what happened here. Someone DELETED a portion of the blog before taking an IMAGE of it. Now why is that?

Take a real close look at this portion of the screenshot Radio put up.


Notice anything MISSING?

Where did THIS go?


This part is also MISSING:


Now you can see why Radio did not link my ORIGINAL blog. It would have made Radio’s deception useless. The same thing goes for the PM’s Goddard has been promoting since 2008. Never, EVER has Alexandra H Goddard, Michelle L McKee or anyone else produced the ORIGINAL files. Only images. No links and NO WITNESSES.


Both Goddard AND McKee tout their skills as investigators and seekers of the truth. Think about this. There are TWO sides to the conversation. Goddard and Radio think these conversations are genuine. Look at what the OTHER side was alleged to have said. Why is it that they do not care if that person is walking the streets, unidentified? Why would someone engage in such a conversation with me of such a graphic nature?

Remember also WHEN these alleged conversations took place. This was at the height of the intrusions of Anonymous. My websites had already been hacked. Anonymous had already pulled some elaborate deceptions including many attempts to engage me in conversation.

Since all of these events were occurring in front of HUNDREDS of witnesses, why would I engage in such a graphic conversation knowing full well of all of these factors? Any unbiased person would see that this was a set up meant to trap me by altering the conversations to suit whatever impression they were trying to make.

One of the biggest complaints of law enforcement investigating these files is that nobody will produce the original files along with the identity of ALL parties involved. I am the only one identified.

Now what were the inappropriate things I said in the PRIVATE conversations?

I used racial slurs. I was mad at whoever was posting those vile things to me in those PM’s. He identified himself as a minority and I lashed out. I do have a temper.I asked questions. What would the person do? Why would the person do the things contained in the counterfeit conversations? Someone tampered with the pm’s, period. They were changed. Someone came forward and CONFESSED and demonstrated how it was done. Radio keeps leaving that part out, why?

We now see the degree of Radio’s deception. We now see that Radio, along with Goddard, will go to great lengths to distort the truth and misrepresent whatever material they produce in their years long defamation of me and others.

Some day, if this pathological liar is ever identified, we may fully understand the motive for such a glaring deception.

Stay tuned