It is quite telling when someone makes a remark and does so out of context in order to create a false impression of certain circumstances and omitting what is actually the truth. To understand this, one must go back to 2008 when I was streaming through Ustream. When I started streaming, my site was small. I had no more than 30 people on the chat. I needed no administrators or moderators.

Then I went mobile.

At that time, few people were streaming mobile. There were no smart phones capable of doing so. Twitter was still on its old format and so was Facebook. It was a novelty. When Texas Equusearch arrived on the scene and I covered events live, the numbers on my multimedia site exploded.

I was soon contacted by an administrator of Ustream with the offer to help. This administrator knew all the things about Ustream that I did not. This was the first time I had even tried anything of this nature on ANY streaming service so the help of an expert was most welcome. An expert that was sanctioned by Ustream to be an administrator, or so I thought.


There are a number of things that were conveniently left out of the comments regarding the age of this and other volunteers who came to my “aid.”

Principal among these volunteers was one individual who called himself UKMOD and then UKMOD1. I did not get a resume from this individual. I had no idea who this person was.

What I did not find out until much later and when much DAMAGE was done to my various websites due to his actions was that UKMOD was a TEENAGER and who was also a member of ANONYMOUS. It was AFTER I called Scotland Yard and filed a criminal complaint did I find out his past and that of many others who had INFILTRATED Ustream.

At that time Ustream had little if any control over who was officially affiliated with their service. Just about all of the moderators and administrators there were volunteers who would “help” the non-professional broadcasters such as myself in the running of their shows.

What was NOT mentioned by the blogger is that UKMOD and those other “teenagers” migrated over to and were welcomed with open arms. This was AFTER UKMOD and several others were outed as “teenagers.”

What the blogger in question does not seem to understand or is hiding is that almost 80% of those affiliated with Anonymous are TEENAGERS. Anonymous, in fact, was said to have been started by the owner of 4chan and several of it’s members who were mostly TEENAGERS at the time Anonymous was started.

It is also a well known fact that a majority of multimedia streams on Ustream, Youtube and elsewhere are owned and operated by TEENAGERS.

As the generation of TEENAGERS who founded Anonymous have moved on and became adults, there are new TEENAGERS coming up through the ranks to take over.

It might be a surprise for that blogger to know that right now it has on it’s follower list not less than 4 Anonymous members that are UNDER the age of 18.

If anyone does not believe me, you might want to start taking a real CLOSE look at who is following you and more important, who it is that you are following.

Stay tuned