Yon_Tamidixon_donna-2I have stated earlier that I have been given some rather disturbing information via a well known individual who was a major party of interest in the Haleigh Cummings case. While doing some ongoing research, I have sought out other sources to determine the exact truth of what I have been told. It looks like it will me Monday at the earliest before I get the confirmation that I need.

The documentation that I asked for from the original source has yet to be produced so I am having to  take other measures in order to track down the information I need to either prove or disprove what I have been told.

What I have found out in digging into this situation is that a rather odd set of circumstances has emerged. It seems that there has been some involvement in the incident that is strange to say the least. I am not understanding why certain individuals immersed themselves in the course of action that took place.

So far I am quite concerned with one individual who seems to have become entangled into the situation. The question has to be, what was this person’s  motive for getting involved. I am determined to find the TRUE answer.

Stay tuned