The one thing I have noticed when IGNORING Radio and it’s blog is how it and it’s sock puppets have increased it’s reference and implications when it comes to labeling people Pedophile-ish.

I found this comment by Radio real interesting in that it shows the extent it is willing to lie about someone it targets:











At one time I had the highest admiration and respect for Levi Page. He had, and still has, a lot of talent. He accomplished a lot. He had a highly popular blog. He had a radio, and for a short while, an internet video show. He had high profile and interesting guests on his shows. He was a guest on HLN on several occasions. He was a rising star.

Then, something happened. Levi strayed from being a commentator to being a bully. Accusations about Levi started to appear on the internet and people started commenting on my blog. I resisted to join in on the criticism. I gave Levi the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong to do so.

It turns out that all the accusations about Levi have been true. His own actions have proven that. Levi makes accusations about me and then DELETES those accusations after people see it. He claims that I was the one meant to see those posts and once he knew I saw them, he deleted them. A rather feeble excuse.

Levi never heard of e-mail?

Levi never heard of Private Messaging on Facebook.

Levi found out about private messaging when his OWN WORDS started to appear on my blog. Levi had an issue when his OWN WORDS turned up in tagged tweets to Jane Valez Mitchell. Levi has threatened litigation and Jail because of his OWN WORDS.

Radio decided to take the deviant route as well as its sock pupped Executioner by implying that I had some “desires”toward Levi.

It seems to me that it is Radio’s obsession with this subject and that of its sock puppets that needs to be looked into.

Remember, NOBODY knows who Radio is nor does anyone know Radio’s true background. Radio can make any claim that it wants because Radio is Anonymous. On the other hand none of us are obligated to believe ANYTHING Radio says about it’s background because there is no proof to back up it’s claims.

Stay tuned