If anyone cares to know where the false rumors about me came from, they only have to look toward one Michelle L McKee of Gig Harbor, Washington. Early on when I decided to express my concerns over the treatment of Caylee’s warriors and other people on line, Radio and her on line thugs came out swinging. Soon, some well known propaganda began to be repeated on its blog.


At the height of this propaganda fest, this curious little post appeared on twitter:

What is odd about this tweet is that not only did Michelle L McKee directly accuse me of being a pedophile but she included Tim Holmseth in that accusation as well.

Now why did Michelle McKee decide to draw attention to Holmseth? Why to draw favor of her new mentor, that’s why? McKee is an opportunist and Radio is gullible enough to fall for her lies. It is McKee that has been the source of the defamatory information about me for YEARS. There are a LOT of people who knows how she operates.

Radio, however, is unconcerned about the truth. All Radio cares about is stroking its ego by having everyone pay attention to it and its blog. Radio can bask in the safety of obscurity. Radio is safe from having to account for its actions. Radio can lie as intensely and as often as it wants because nobody knows who or what it is.

The rest of us are stuck suffering from the lies of radio because it hides in the dark while we all are out here in the light of day.

Stay tuned