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kimpI just cannot figure some people out. I was told time and again, mainly by Florida attorney, Kim Pikazio to ignore Radio. Do not mention Radio. Do not engage Radio. If I followed all of these suggestions, Radio would move on and find someone else to defame and harass. It did not work. For some strange reason, this morning, the spinster came out swinging, doing everything in it’s power to engage me in its little drama fest. It even said that I am afraid.

Well, I am not afraid. I listened to one of the top lawyers in the State of Florida who PROMISED me that if I were to quit engaging Radio, that this would all stop. Kim told me that Radio was going to REMOVE the content about me and others. Kim told me of her concerns and outright disgust at what she had seen on Radio’s blog.

Did Radio listen to Kim? Absolutely NOT. A month later, Radio was back with the blog intact. Radio was back with it’s lies. Radio was back with it’s defamation. Radio was back with it’s continuing harassment of others.

Radio simply does not have a life.

Radio claims that it is an electrical engineer and mechanical engineer. It takes someone with high intelligence and discipline to succeed in that field. It also takes a certain amount of ethics.

Believe me, I know what it is to have both of these occupations and what it takes to achieve obtaining those credentials.

Someone with those credentials does not spend over three years bullying and insulting people all over this country AND Canada on an obscure blog. These kind of people are out in the word contributing to society with the skills that they have acquired.

Radio is doing NONE of these things.

The combined skill set that Radio claims to have is rare enough and is part of a tight knit group. There are trade associations for individuals with the skills that Radio claims to have. None of these are out there.

It is my opinion that Radio is lying about it’s background. It is my opinion that Radio may even be lying about it’s gender. I do not believe that Radio has EVER had any children, I do not believe that Radio has EVER been married. I believe absolutely NOTHING radio says or claims about itself.

As far as I am concerned, Radio does not exist. Radio is a sock puppet. Radio is many people with the same login information so that any number of people can come in and pretend to be radio.

Any speculation by anyone may be taken to be correct since nobody knows who the hell it is.

As long as Radio is afraid to come forward with undeniable proof of who it is, the door is wide open for anyone anywhere to speculate who or what Radio is.

The one thing that everyone can be certain of is that Radio is, bar none, the most prolific liar on the internet today.

Stay tuned