ontheairRadio has a case of the crazies as she is saying that I did not speak to Kim Pikazio on or before July, 3, 2013. As a matter of fact I did. I am a bit hamstrung as Kim asked me NOT to publish the many e-mails we exchanged regarding Radio’s blog as well as the out of the blue telephone call Kim made to me late that afternoon.


Now it is up to Kim to say what she wants. If she wants to be honest and tell the circumstances of that day, it is up to her.

I was told what I was told. I have shown restraint up to this point because I had thought Kim was correct in stating that the material was going to removed. I have the e-mails to prove it. I am honor bound by Kim NOT to publish those e-mails.

I am getting fed up, however, at Kim’s not coming forth with the truth about Radio and what has been going on. It is why I have told her what I feel about her and why I no longer respect her as a lawyer.

Anytime Kim wants to contact me, she knows how.

Stay tuned