It is amazing how many legal “experts” are on the blogs these days. These people seem to think that they can cry “I am going to sue” and “you are in my legal cross hairs” and the world is going to tremble at their feet. What is curious is these are the same people who, months ago, championed freedom speech and came to the defense of Alexandra H Goddard when she found herself at the receiving end of a defamation lawsuit.






Goddard made it difficult for process servers to find her by zipping off to an undisclosed location well over several hundred miles from the State of Ohio. The net result is this became a war of attrition since the Plaintiffs had to bear the burden of the costs of the lawsuit while Goddard had the benefit of pro bono first amendment attorneys and the ACLU at her side.

In the end, the lawsuit was a draw. Goddard got out of her mess by back tracking her statement and stating that she did not have first hand knowledge that Saltsman was involved in the incident that triggered the lawsuit in the first place.

The Plaintiff got to state his side of the story and apologized for his actions.

What the trolls who keep crying lawsuit, should learn from all of this is that it is nearly impossible to file this kind of lawsuit and then next to impossible to win one. For one thing it is quite expensive. Second, there is some interesting arguments made by the ACLU and the law firm representing Ms Goddard that should educate these folks should they decide to read the defense legal briefs.

Another thing these legal eagles might want to do is read up on two legal terms. The first is ” SLAPP LAWSUITS” and “ABSENCE OF MALICE.”

When they do so, they might want to replace the lens caps on those cross hairs.