Radio, proudly proclaimed the addition of @Popadopolous to it’s blog as a guest writer. This, in spite of the claims by others that he raped a woman suffering from cancer. To be fair, POPS has claimed that the matter has been proven to be false. Well, this brings up something rather interesting.

Shortly before his new role as the offical troll of Radionewz.net, POPS was rehashing the same old propaganda lodged against me. This, in spite of a blog where the person who claimed time and again to being the CREATOR of the counterfeit material  and who DEMONSTRATED how this counterfeiting took place.



It is my understanding that the author of that blog contacted a number of Anonymous members, as he was a member as well, and provided clear cut proof that the material was fake.

The author, incidentally was NOT ShortbusDude and was not even from Florida.

Pops did not care also, that a prominent member of Anonymous actually took the time to call law enforcement and verify what I had been claiming for years.

So the question remains, Why should anyone dismiss the claims made by several others that Popadopolous did rape the woman suffering from Cancer if he is not willing to take the word of several Anonymous members that the accusations against me are FALSE?

What is good for me is good for him.

Stay tuned