Among the big whoppers that Michelle L McKee has told over the years. This one she posted tonight takes the cake. Michelle L McKee now says that I threatened to send a Registered Sex Offender all the way from Florida out to Gig Harbor Washington.


Michelle L McKee fails to come up with a good reason why someone would risk going to jail and find a way to go clear across the country. Remember now that Registered Sex Offenders have a LOT of restrictions. They have to report to law enforcement any intent to travel and where they are going.

Now one wonders where Michelle L McKee got the idea that there is a Registered Sex Offender ready willing and able to do my bidding needs to go back quite a few years as well as to a blog that she denies having anything to do with.

This also involves her good friend and mentor Alexandra H Goddard. More on that later. For now let us look at where McKee came up with her latest delusion.

I used to have a Paltalk chat room and multimedia streaming combination where me and a few friends would converse between ourselves in what we thought was a PRIVATE room. Michelle McKee and others, not wanting to be out of the loop decided by any means necessary to try and infiltrate that room.

To help this group of stalkers was one MonoxideMMAC, who was a troll from Kentucky.

What is it with Ky and all of these trolls anyway?

For some odd Reason, Joshua Wayne Melton decided to impersonate a convicted Sex offender and troll me. This lasted for a while until I decided to do some checking and found out who exactly this person was.

It turns out to be someone who was known by Alexandra H Goddard AND Michelle L McKee.

I will get to the climax to this little story so be patient.

First of all, let me enlighten you as to how Michelle L McKee thinks she is going to pin this rap on me. In a little known blog that Michelle L McKee claims to have nothing to do with, an article claiming that I was sending a stalker after those who were impersonating him appeared there. The article had screenshots of my twitter account and me talking about someone called “The Traveler.” and his plans to go around discussing with those who had falsely used his name why it is not so bright to do such a thing.

The problem is that I did not make those tweets. I was impersonated.

Time and time again, there has been examples of how easy it is to impersonate someone on Twitter and elsewhere. Holly Briley, for example has made this claim several times and even has demonstrated how it was done.

Now for the good part. The Stalker that Michelle L McKee claims I threatened to sick on her is DEAD. He has been dead for YEARS. Michelle knows this as does Alexandra H Goddard. And how do these pair of stalkers know this?


And who is this sex offender?


1992-  James Cavitalo, with Terry Cavitalo (Windchime) and one other woman, had sexual intercourse upon the dining table in front of three young minors under 16. Terry Cavitalo, while on said table “spread wide” so that [name redacted] could take a photograph of her vaginal area. During this same event, James Cavitalo committed oral rape upon a 6 year old boy and fondled two young girls.


So there you have it. Michelle L McKee not only knew that the RSO was DEAD, she also knew the players in the private chat. Common sense would dictate that this woman, who also created a Facebook page IN MY NAME would have the ability to set up impersonator accounts through twitter.

mlm55 Just look at the example of how she keeps from tagging my name as well as others and prevent being reported for spamming on twitter. A simple use of a / or other symbol that might be hard to read, is all it takes to make an impersonator account on twitter. Dozens of impersonator accounts are made on a daily basis. Some impersonations even make the main stream media.

McKee and Goddard have bragged in the past how they are able to infiltrate Paltalk as well as people’s computers. It would be child’s play for her to put up fake twitter accounts.

Stay Tuned