The ever so famous KyKentucky is learning the adage “beware of unintended consequences” when he was recently fired from an call center.



One thing that those who decide to affiliate themselves with Anonymous do not seem to understand, is that employers do not like Anonymous. It therefore makes sense that they would not want someone affiliated with this group within their company. All one has to do is Google Anonymous Hacktivists to see why large corporations are not too fond of Anonymous.

Ky’s plight is not unique and I am a tad surprised that it made the Huffington Post. For every one KY there are hundreds out there who are either fired or not hired in the first place because of their actions on social media.

Employers are more frequently checking social media sites to determine if the applicant may have baggage that might not bode well for the company.

Having someone affiliated with hacking websites and a group with the reputation of Doxing people on their payroll is something a company like Amazon may choose not to risk.

Also, being raided by the FBI does not look too good on your resume either.

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